Dulux PU Satin Stay Bright

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Key information
  • Finish Mid Sheen
  • Coverage 9.2-11.1 sqm/L
  • Drying Time 4 hours
  • Coats 2
Product Features
  • Water based Satin
  • Anti-Yellowing
  • Superior Clean Colors
  • Low VOC

Product Description

Dulux Satin Stay Bright is a water based premium quality enamel. It gives a
finish that has the smoothness and stature of a soft sheen glow of satin.
Unlike ordinary enamel paints, Dulux Satin Stay Bright comes in rich and
bright colors with anti-yellowing properties. Dulux Satin Stay Bright is the
perfect top coat for wooden and metallic surfaces.

Application Description

Step 1 : Surface Preparation
Sand the surface with Emery paper 180, Wipe and clean. Flame cutting and/or welding of the dry paint film will give rise to dust and/or hazardous fumes. Wet sanding should be used wherever possible.
Step 2 : Application process
Dilute the paint as per recommended ratio. In case of wood and masonry surface, apply the first coat by brush, followed by leveling with a sponge roller. Allow to dry for at least 4-6 hrs. After complete drying of the first coat, apply the second coat and dry overnight. Follow the same dilution ratio for second coat.
Step 3 : Drying time
Touch dry for the paint is up to 40mins.

Health & Safety

Treatments such as sanding, burning off etc. of films may generate hazardous dust and/or fumes sanding/ flatting should be used wherever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Refer Safety Data Sheet for more details.

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Ensure Surface is dry & free from grime, dust, and grease. Remove loose or flaking particles. Sand the surface by using Emery paper No. 180 & wipe
    clean. For prepainted surface, where putty application is not expected use
    Emery paper No. 320 & wipe clean.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.
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