Dulux Visualizer
Dulux Visualizer

Dulux Visualizer App

Picture it, before you paint it.

The Dulux Visualizer app, with its revolutionary technology, allows you to picture the walls before painting it. The app gives you an instant and realistic impression of how your room will look, in the colours of your choice. Whether it’s an electric blend of candy pink and zesty yellow or a soothing combination of aquatic shades of blue and green,you can now experiment with colours and breathe new life into your home with ease.

That’s the magic of the new Dulux Visualizer App. So, now every time you get excited about a new colour, don’t hold back. Even if you’re not a born artist, now you can be one. Simply seek inspiration, choose the colours you like and wait for the magic to happen. When using this app, do more than experiment with different colours. After you’ve applied and viewed your creation, you can save it as well. Later share the creations with your friends, via mail or message. Make the app your personal colour assistant; colour your world without playing it safe or getting your hands dirty.

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