Ways to Skilfully Design Unique Styles

Discover how a spectrum of styles can accomplish a unique wall décor in your home.

Wondering how to show off your individual style in an effortless way? Define your walls with unique style ideas from the Wall Couture series of home décor trends by Dulux.

Express your personality with wide-ranging and versatile textures, shapes and colour combinations to discover a style that is distinctly you. Let your creativity shine by adapting these inspiring style ideas to your home.

Dreaming of an escape? Transform a room into a serene paradise with tropical-inspired hues that are unmistakably wanderlust-inducing. Recreate the relaxed holiday feeling with a two-toned wall effect that transitions from a vibrant blue to a dreamy green in a soft, textural transition.

Set the mood for romance with bold, sweeping curves finished with rosy hues. Layered curves create a strong visual connection between rooms. Choose colour combinations in complementary shades for a harmonious ambiance, or punchier colours for a more dynamic statement.

Never miss another sunset by washing your living space in your favourite pastel pinks and pale peaches inspired by the colours of the setting sun. Set a warm and welcoming tone by creating soft gradations from floor to ceiling for gentle colour transitions. The warmth of the peaches sets a visual highlight within a room while the more muted pinks keep the look grounded and soft.

Set a tone of sophistication in your room with an eye-catching wall paint design that can transform your walls into a contemporary work of art. When working with multiple colours, avoid a clash by playing with different tones and intensities of the same shade for a pared down, controlled look.

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