Time to #StayHome, Not Stay Dull

Now, it’s the best time to reconnect with your family and in the spirit of good family bonding time, there are many activities we can take on. These are the times where you’ll be sitting on the couch together, binge watching your favourite series, or even open dusty board games for a game night. From Dulux, the leading decorative paint brand from AkzoNobel, we are suggesting something a little different – take on a décor art project for your kid’s room.


Fun Colour Blocking!

Colour blocking is a design trend that purposefully mixes bold, solid colour blocks to create an exciting, energetic space. It is a simple and fun way to get started on a DIY paint project with your kids. Dulux Colour Experts shared some tips and suggest to keep it simple by isolating a portion of a wall for this.

For instance, divide a shared bedroom for your kids into half and paint each half of the wall a different colour. Using bright, contrasting shades such as yellow and pink (as per the room-set above) creates a cheery and vibrant environment for the kids.


2. SuperClean scribbles!

This is a major throwback! Some of us might remember being scolded by our parents for scribbling onto walls and ended up being smacked on the knuckles with a ruler. This time around, we recommend that you encourage it, but not before painting your walls with Dulux SuperClean.

Dulux SuperClean is a premium quality washable paint emulsion. It works by providing a unique protective layer that resists tough stains1, so they can be wiped easily. The protected walls will allow your kids to unleash their creativity and you could even join in the fun to show them how much of a Rembrandt you are.

Resists & repels most liquid stains e.g. water, soft drinks, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, yoghurt, ice-cream and stains like chalk, dust and mud.

3. Play with Shapes!

The use of circular shapes in cheerful colours instantly adds an element of fun to a kid’s bedroom. This can be complimented further with the use of a soft colour palette as a neutral backdrop, which animates the room while remaining soothing to the eye. To find the perfect colour combinations, you can always use the Dulux Visualizer app, which can assist you with its recommendations. You will be able to create all sorts of looks, varying from a calming look with neutral coloured dots to a playful look with a multitude of colours.

4. Inspire with Stripes

Dulux Colour Experts shared that painting in horizontal stripes will make a room look bigger with the room-set example above being a good example and is easily executable.

The walls of this room are painted with a combination of Dulux’s Bold Damson / 48RR 08/146 and Kenneth Square 90YR 55/051. The colours are a perfect match for one another, with one providing a warm and comforting tone whilst the other provides an airy cream for a soothing contrast.

With all the suggestions we have provided, we encourage you to get going and make these few weeks a memorable one. Quality time with parents are things that a kid cherishes and remembers.

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