Learn about Dulux Colour Play™ Tester

Test the colour before you paint the colour

Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester

  1. What is Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester for?

    You can test out colours on your wall with the Dulux Colour Play Tester, before you decide on the paint colour.
  2. Where can I purchase these Dulux Colour PlayTM Testers?

    Search for Dulux tester on Amazon India.
  3. Is there a minimum quantity of tester order required?

    No, there is no minimum quantity requirement.
  4. What colours are available for Dulux Colour PlayTM Testers?

    Over 1500+ colours are available to choose from.
  5. How to use these testers?

    Kindly refer to the inside of "Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester" kit for instructions.
  6. How long can I keep the testers

    "Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester" is meant for single usage.
  7. Can I use the Dulux Colour PlayTM Testers to do touch up?

    No, the testers cannot be used for touch up.