Fun Ideas for Trendy Shapes

Explore the versatility of shapes and how they can give your rooms a personality.

Looking to spruce up and add a little life to your home? Look no further than decorating your walls with trendy shapes. As part of the Wall Couture series of home décor trends by Dulux, shapes are the simplest and most impactful way to define your living space. 

Fun, playful and versatile, shapes instantly add personality to your home. Get inspired by these creative and fun shape ideas that can be easily applied to your living space.

Add tranquillity to your living room by using soothing colours found in nature. Set a calming base, like a deep blue, for a backdrop and create an overlay of cosy circles to add visual interest to a feature wall. Use circles in a uniformed way to bring calmness to a room. Complete the composition by adding some depth and emphasising the deep hues against lighter complementary shades.

To set a laid-back and relaxed mood, paint your walls in cream-based colours that play up the natural light in a room. Use tints of a single colour or similar colours to create a gentle contrast. For a contemporary, minimalist look, arrange shapes sparingly and you can subtly dramatise the arrangement by varying the shape sizes to draw your eye to one focal point in a room.

Set a lively tone in a bedroom by experimenting with multiple solid colours in contrasting shades on a single wall. To further accentuate the hues, separate the shapes with slim, white borders. Daring colour combinations bring vigour and movement to a room, while contrasting colours infuse energy into one another.

Use circular shapes in cheerful colours to instantly add an element of fun to a child's bedroom. A soft colour palette can animate a neutral backdrop while remaining soothing to the eye. Add an illusion of width to a room by overlapping circles across various planes and walls. Extend the pattern to the ceiling for an additional burst of playfulness.

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