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A home is one of our biggest investments in life and it is a painstaking process to find the right products and craftsmen to achieve the desired results. But all these efforts go into vain if dampness and water seepage affect the walls of a home. Dampness and seepage cause blistering, chalking and dark spots. Such issues can only be corrected by applying the right products to protect the surface before painting.

And so, Dulux presents Aquatech - a range of superior waterproofing products that provide advanced solutions to fix and prevent all common problems related to dampness and seepage. The range includes an array of waterproofing products like pre-treatment coats, exterior and interior basecoats, and crack fillers to help your home achieve and maintain perfect finish.

Problem : Crack on walls and ceilings

Crack Filling Problem
Crack Filling Problem

Why are conventional solutions not effective?

Why Crack Filling


The putty or white cement mix filler absorbs moisture from damp surfaces. It does not adhere properly and remains chalky. Also, it cannot withstand minor structural movements and can crack easily.

Dulux Aquatech Crack Fillers

Solution Crack Filling Problem


The Dulux Aquatech range of Crack Fillers provides solutions for every type of exterior interior cracks. This range has India's first 20MM crack filler, as well as the more commonly used 10MM and 5MM variants. They are one time application products, meaning they don't need to be applied in layers.

Features of Dulux Aquatech Crack Fillers

Unibond Technology
Unibond Technology
Fills cracks as wide and deep as 20MM, and provides adhesion to the multiple surfaces – plaster, wood, concrete, stone etc.
Accepts Nails and Screw
Accepts nails and screws
Post drying, Dulux Aquatech fillers become so hard that filled area can accept nails and screws without cracking.
Does Not Shrink
Does not shrink
Unique polymer modified formulations do not shrink and dry quickly requiring one time application.
Quick Dry
Quick dry
Post application it quickly dries and hardens which saves labour and time

Problem : Dampness on interior walls

Internal Dampness Problem
Internal Dampness Problem

Why are conventional solutions not effective?

Why Internal Dampness


Applying putty/epoxy is not a long term solution as putty itself absorbs water and the moisture is not able to evaporate out. The trapped moisture then causes swelling of walls, breaking the top paint layer, which leads to blistering, chalking and peeling off in the long run.

Dulux Aquatech Waterblock 2K

Solution Internal Dampness


A specialist 2 component product that provides waterproofing protection to interior walls adjacent to bathrooms and kitchen sinks.

Features of Dulux Aquatech Waterblock 2K

Breathable Layer
Breathable Layer
Unique Hydrobreathe technology allows the water inside wall to breathe out easily without breaking the top paint layer.
Multiple Surface Adhesion
Multiple Surface Adhesion
Provides adhesion to all kinds of surfaces like tiles, cement etc. It can be applied under kitchen slabs or on cement walls as well.
Alkali Resistance
Alkali Resistance
Alkali resistance property provides protection against alkali salts.

Problem : Dampness on exterior walls

Dampness Exterior Walls
Dampness Exterior Walls

Why are conventional solutions not effective?

Why External Dampness


Exterior paints cannot provide adequate waterproofing, as the paint layer is not designed to resist penetration of excess water. This water gets trapped in the paint layer and causes deterioration, resulting in peeling, chalking or blistering.

Dulux Aquatech Exterior Basecoats

Solution External Dampness


The range of Dulux Aquatech Exterior Basecoats has 2 variants – Flexible Waterproof Basecoat and Standard Waterproof Basecoat. They provide exterior protection against dampness. Dulux Aquatech Flexible Waterproof Basecoat is a high quality premium waterproof coating.

Features of Dulux Aquatech Flexible Waterproof Basecoat

Hydroshield Technology
Hydroshield Technology
Forms a thick protective layer that does not allow water to pass through
It is 75% more effective than normal top coats that absorb rain water, remain damp and cause peeling
Anti Carbonation
Structure of House is preserved. 33% better Anti-carbonation properties vs competition.
Extended Durability
Extended Durability
Extends the life of topcoat by providing additional protection against dampness
General topcoats are not able to sustain without added layer of protection under them

Features of Dulux Flexible Waterproof Basecoat

Damp Resistance Technology
Damp Resist Technology
Forms a thick protective layer that prevents water seepage, bridges cracks and prevents fungal attacks.
Crack Bridging
Crack Bridging
3X more effective in bridging cracks. General topcoats are not able to stretch along with temperature fluctuations leading to water seepage.
Anti Alkali
Anti-Alkali property provides protection against alkali salts.

Recommended Dulux Aquatech Waterproof System

5 Years Waterproof System
5 Year Basecoat

Problem : Algae and Fungal issues on walls

Algae Problem

Why are conventional solutions not effective?

Why Algae Problem


Ordinary wet/dry scrubbing or jet washing does not remove existing algal/fungal spores completely. These residual algal/fungal spores then re-grow easily and cause problems again.

Dulux Aquatech Pre Treatment Case

Solution Algae Problem
High performance surface preparation product

Features of Dulux Aquatech Flexible Waterproof Basecoat

Fungiclean Technology
Fungiclean Technology
Fungiclean technology is 99% more effective in algal/fungal spores removing versus just washing in the conventional way.
Anti Microbial Pack
Antimicrobial Pack
Antimicrobial pack prevents recurrence of algal/fungal growth versus conventional methods that do not have that resistance.