Want to carve out a cosy corner in your living room? Use colour to decorate a space dedicated to reading and relaxing.
Create a cosy reading corner

Create a cosy reading corner

Use colours to carve out a corner in your living room

Cosy space

Do you fancy creating your own little corner to sit and read or simply escape from the rest of the world? Carving out your own space couldn’t be easier – you don’t even need to paint a whole wall. With just a little colour you can define a zone within your living room, marking the spot where you nestle down to read, talk on the phone or have a little nap.

Perfect fit

Once you've chosen your spot, pick a warm, calm colour such as this soft peachy pink, or perhaps a dusty yellow or a smoky green. Then decide how high you want your colour to go – in this case, it was measured so that the floor lamp would sit comfortably within the painted zone

To really define your corner, you could even use a thin stripe of colour in a complementary hue to show where the rest of the room ends and your area begins. We used a subtle neutral colour to evoke a contemporary feel – but a brighter hue would work just as well.

Final touches

To make your space truly cosy, why not try adding a few soft cushions, cosy throws and a tactile rug to bury your toes in. Play with the lighting until it is just how you like it. A floor lamp with a dimmer switch is perfect – it’s a good way to direct light onto your book and you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood.

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